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Ellaflor is an innovator in the field of natural wellness for the whole family. Put a little “ohm in your home” with our organic flower essences, essence-infused products, and fair trade Palo Santo smudge sticks. Ellaflor helps you transform, connect, and align with your essential self — naturally.

The Ellaflor Way

As the owner and creative director, Ella Rich brings a wide range of interest and knowledge to Ellaflor. With a background in art, Spanish, marketing, Hatha yoga, holistic nutrition, flower essence therapy, and acutonics (a vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine and philosophy), Ellaflor is a reflection of her experiences and vision. Ganesh, the elephant deity, has long been Pamela’s favorite, and he symbolizes the flower essences’ ability to help people remove obstacles and lovingly align their lives with divine flow.

The Ellaflor Difference

Everything in the Ellaflor product line is made fresh, in small batches, to ensure the highest quality for you and your loved ones. Ella intuitively and carefully chooses flower essences for each product to evoke balance and love — naturally. Ellaflor uses local, organic, fair trade and ethically harvested ingredients. This is clean and green Ellaflor loot. You will feel it — this stuff is purely awesome. Go ahead. Put a little ohm in your home today, and try it now.

The Water

Everything is made with the best artesian water that we collect from a local artesian spring north of Seattle. It is extremely pure and alive as it flows up from the depths beneath the Puget Sound! Ella believes that good water is the foundation of good products. Ellaflor uses artesian water in all of our products to bring joy and health to your home.