Palo Santo Wood
$18 for 2 oz.
$32 for 4 oz.

Defining our signature scent, Palo Santo wood makes a rare and amazing smudge stick that lends itself to the romantic. In Spanish, its name means is sacred wood, reflecting its calming, clearing, and grounding properties, as well as its sweet, cedar, coconut-like aroma. Every time you light it, it instantly helps you put a little “ohm in your home.” For thousands of years people have used Palo Santo for its amazing innate properties. Whether it’s clearing up lung and nasal congestion, repelling mosquitoes, calming the spirit, or clearing tension headaches, Palo Santo does not cease to amaze. It is purely awesome!

Ella started working with Palo Santo in 2007, when she studied with a shaman in Cusco, Peru. She now imports her Palo Santo from the same man she studied with because, simply, “It’s the best!” Ellaflor supports fair trade Palo Santo import and ensures that every piece is gathered in an ethical and respectful way from fallen trees.

For many of us, this beautiful aroma brings us a new vocabulary and outlook, so Ella sends info cards on Palo Santo and tips on smudging (clearing energy) with every order. Manifest tranquility, health, and abundance with this sacred wood.